Continuous Integration & Deployment

Continuous Integration and Deployment helps in releasing well tested software in small increments.

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Key Benefits

  • We often check-in our code and automate testing runs on every check-in to ensure that code quality is top notch at all the times.
  • CI/CD ensures that code will suffer minimum to no hiccups while integration.
  • We work with teams to automate their testing and deployment strategies.
  • This enables us to do multiple deployment every day, in small chunks. App reaches customer faster, enabling incremental feedback.

Your Journey With Us

  • We help in setting up pipelines and workflows to help teams get started with CI/CD.
  • We help in automating near zero-downtime deployments and reverting mechanisms.
  • We manage both cloud based CI/CD pipelines, as well as self-hosted alternatives.
  • We work with cloud providers and container orchestrators to implement their native solution.

Tools of trade:

  • Jenkins
  • CircleCI

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