Devops Strategy & Transition

Devops is a software development and management methodology with results in better products and happy users.

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Key Benefits

  • It relies on involving the entire team, including the operations, QA and all the other stakeholders.
  • Each team is aware of overall progress due to timely involvement. This reduces deployment time surprises.
  • Communication gap reduces between teams and within teams, improving product quality.

Your Journey With Us

  • We integrate or introduce tooling to initiate Devops transformation.
  • We train teams to use tooling in the correct way to gain maximum out of it.
  • With our strategies and tooling teams can communicate more effectively with each other, with tools and with automation.
  • We automate the entire process from the moment the code is pushed to the repository to the deployment to eliminate the human intervention.

Tools of trade:

  • Git
  • Slack
  • Jenkins
  • Automated code analysis

Blog & Case Studies

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