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Our Focus Areas

Here is how we help your infrastructure

Infrastructure Lifecycle Management

We help you manage entire infrastructure, end-to-end. We review, suggest and optionally, implement best possible architecture according to the industry standards. Our team has experience in managing public clouds as well as datacenter environments.

DevOps Tools

We provide consulting for specificDevOps tools. We help you evaluate the feasibility to fit a particular tool in your infrastructure. Some of the tools that we works with includes Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Jenkins, Logstash, Nagios, OMD and many more.

Cloud Management

We help you pick the best possible cloud provider. We also help in automating provisioning, cost optimization, auto-scaling and migration from datacenter to cloud or between cloud providers.

Infrastructure Review

We review your infrastructure, and provide a report on over 40 points. We suggest improvements and fixes, and optionally, implement them.

Technologies We Deal With

We deal with a variety of technologies. Some of them are listed below

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