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Devops Nexus is consulting company specializing in cloud management, containers and infrastructure automation.

Founded in February, 2016, Devops Nexus is focused on delivering value to our clients by delivering robust environments for their applications to run. We manage your infrastructure, cloud and containers so that you can focus on building your applications. Our team consist of Cloud experts, Google Development Expert, Red Hat Certified Engineers and Kubernetes practitioners. We deliver webinars, talk at conferences and write books to educate our fellow engineers. Our team has delivered our services across the globe, and across industries.

Whether you buy vehicle insurance from Acko or groceries from Grofers, we empower them all to serve their users better.

We help you build and manage your infrastructure, automate regular and mundate operations and assist in various technical audits.

Meet the Team


Principal Consultant


Devops Engineer


Devops Engineer

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"We at Simplilearn wanted a containerized approach. We needed an experienced partner to help us on this journey. After interviewing many vendors we went with Devops Nexus. They drove a strong point of view from the start. The consultative approach they took has ensured our unique needs were met and that too well within the stated time. All in all I recommend Devops Nexus highly for their level of professionalism and depth in this domain. The results speak for themselves."

Anand Narayan

VP Engineering, Simplilearn
"Devops Nexus has been instrumental to our high growth business at Acko General Insurance. Right from long term architectural decisions to preparing the infrastructure for immediate business needs, we have found synergy with them. The support is top notch and they have been very prompt to solve issues, irrespective of business hours."

Deepak Angrula

VP Engineering, Acko General Insurance
"Devops Nexus’ ability to solve tough problems is amazing. Top it with dedication & sincerity. Can you ask for more? They helped us with a great request throttling solution adding only 1-5ms to every request."

Nakul Aggarwal

Co-Founder, Browserstack
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