Microservices & Container Management

Microservices encourages smaller, independent services which make up an application.

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Key Benefits

  • Each service can evolve independently.
  • Microservices patterns and containers help faster development and deployment.
  • Microservices and containers are easier to scale, manage and improves overall uptime and user experience.
  • Containers ensure that QA, staging and production environments remains consistent.

Your Journey With Us

  • We help you design microservices architecture, conforming with 12-factor app guidelines.
  • We assist in writing Dockerfiles, Docker Compose and Kubernetes object definitions.
  • We build and manage Kubernetes clusters across cloud providers.
  • We specialize in various deployment strategies to reduce downtime and provide seamless user experience.

Tools of trade:

  • Git
  • Kubernetes
  • CI/CD on Jenkins

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